It’s 10pm on Sunday night. Monday morning anxiety starts to creep in…

Am I prepared for my meeting?

Is that potential client going to sign?

Are the team fresh and ready to achieve our goals?

So many short weeks in a row! How can we stay on top of it all?

More questions than answers brings uncertainty…. Uncertainty brings anxiety.

It’s just a Monday, you have been here before, you can do this!

This Sunday night is different, it’s late November and you are flying to the Gold Coast on Wednesday for your first Money In Sport Conference. You now have mixed emotions, you are going be collaborating with the sports industry elite before you know it.

More questions….

What am I going to get out of this?

Who am I going meet?

Can I justify this as professional development?

Will I be able to justify this investment to the board? 

I’m a small business, will there be a deal for me there?

We get asked these questions daily.

The team at Money In Sport believe in what we do, we believe in the relationships formed, we believe in quality on stage, we believe in the opportunities in the room, we believe in the special atmosphere created by the special people at Money In Sport.

2018 will be the fifth edition of Money In Sport, a 3 day conference that takes over 10 months to prepare and plan for. We face many challenges each year, to hold ourselves to high standards set previously, to find new content, new speakers, new delegates.. but we welcome these challenges as we believe in the platform we have created.

Money In Sport is our baby, but it’s not a baby anymore it’s a beast!

Money In Sport has a proven track record of growth, connections, memories, success, learnings & innovation.

It’s your turn to leave your footprint at Money In Sport!

Invest in yourself, your business and your personal growth!