2020 Conference Partner - Six Day CYCLING

What is Six Day Cycling?

The Six Day Final to be held in Brisbane is a track cycling event that combines the world’s best track cyclists with a phenomenal party atmosphere. 

Located at Anna Meares Velodrome, the event will be held over three intense and exciting nights, beginning Friday 3rd April 2020 and concluding Sunday April 5th 2020.

Enter the Velodrome and instantly walk into a thrilling environment. With the smell of delicious food and the sound of beer being poured, your mouth will begin to water. As you walk through the velodrome you will come across plenty of entertainment and activities for the kids along with chill out zones.

Watch the action from Track Centre then you have the best spot in the house. Watch as some of the best track cyclists in the world hit speeds of over 70km. Thinking something a little more relaxing? Sit down with a beer or wine and enjoy some food or get yourself comfy in our beanbag area.

Looking for a party? Dance around with the DJ pumping out tunes throughout the entire night and cheer on your favourite riders!

So why Brisbane?

Brisbane has become a destination for the spectacular outdoors, blockbuster events and mouth-watering food to enhance your Six Day experience. Abseil down the Story Bridge from dawn, make a champagne toast on a sunset river cruise, or taste the famous Moreton Bay bug. Whatever your inclination, Brisbane’s year-round blue skies are calling.

Extending your Six Day adventure comes easy in Brisbane. Start by eating your way through Brisbane’s best breakfasts before browsing the latest exhibition at the famous GOMA. Enjoy a getaway to island paradise, refine your palette with a tasting tour through the city’s craft breweries, or tackle Brisbane’s ultimate bucket list with a koala-cuddling encounter.

About the Competition:

Athletes will compete in different races and divisions in the hope to be crowned the Six Day Series winner. Races include;


  • Riding in pairs, each team member takes turns to race, bringing his or her partner into the race with a ‘hand-sling’. Throughout a Six Day event there are differing versions of the race, including a 45 minute chase, a 500m Time Trial and the Madison Finale which often decides the entire event.


  • Unlike most races, the action tends to take place at the back of the pack in the elimination. Every two laps the rider at the back of the race is eliminated – all the way through until there are only two riders left, who sprint it out for  the win.

200m Time Trial:

  • The sprinters take to the track individually as they take on the clock in this crowd-pleaser. Building speed as they go, the showmen take two and a half laps to reach top speed and whip the crowd up into a frenzy before the bell is rung as they exit the last corner. That’s the cue for them to hit full speed as the clock starts and 200m later it’s all over as the next rider takes to the track and it starts again.


  • The sprinters line up in the home straight as a single derny pacer circles the track awaiting the starting gun to signal the start of the race. The riders then follow the pacer jostling for position behind him for five and a half laps – no rider is allowed to pass the derny bike – as he reaches 50kph. As the derny leaves the track with two and a half laps to go, it’s every man for himself as the riders go all out for the win.

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