Business In Heels Money In Sport 2017 Delegate Pass


It’s no secret that women are vastly underrepresented when it comes to decision making roles and sharing in the financial spoils in business. Sadly, the global sporting market is no different. But did you know that women in business is the fastest growing sector in the country?

So we at Business in Heels put these two fast facts together and came up with a practical solution. We have partnered with Money in Sport to ensure women get a seat at the sporting table.

Money in Sport is a MUST DO 2 day conference for any women wanting a piece of the sporting pie. Be educated, inspired, rub shoulders with key decision makers and through the connections you make, showcase your business as a potential partner to major sporting product and service providers, organisations and associations.

Business in Heels International is an organisation inspiring women in business to achieve success through networking, trade and marketing on a local and global scale.

Currently operating in 8 countries, with 32 of our 40 branches located in Australia, our collaborative community connects over 100,000 women. So fast has this growth occurred, Business in Heels has now reset its sites on deepening its expansion to connect 200,000 women in 100 locations across the globe.