David Meltzer – The Playbook


Entrepreneur. Author. Humanitarian. CEO.

David Meltzer, host of Entrepreneur's 'The Playbook' and keynote speaker at the Money In Sport Conference talks with Gary Veynerchuk in Epsiode #29 of The Playbook.

David Meltzer is an entrepreneur, author, humanitarian, and current CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, a global marketing agency whose projects include The Super Bowl, The Master’s, Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the Unstoppable Foundation. 

David has been recognised as:

  • A Top Keynote Speaker by Forbes and Entrepreneur.
  • And Variety Magazine’s “Sports Humanitarian of the Year” (2016).

He is a two-time #1 best-selling author:

  • Connected To Goodness (U.S.)
  • Compassionate Capitalism (International)

David Meltzer is a keynote speaker for the upcoming Money In Sport Conference.

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